Hi there, I am Kolgrath and I am the owner of the Play.Towncraft.US Towncraft Minecraft server.

As you know, running a server costs money.  And for a server as awesome as ours it costs more than your average server.

I need your help! Thanks to BuyCraft, I can reward you for that help. 

By purchasing permissions, abilities, and in-game items every dollar goes into helping me keep Towncraft going!

My pledge is to never, ever, require anybody to pay money to get the full enjoyment out of Towncraft. 

But for those of you who want to help the server out, you get to enjoy it a little bit more by giving you rewards.

Important: When buying items, make sure you have inventory space to receive your items! If not, you will not receive the items you purchased and will need to contact Kolgrath via e-mail to have the items given to you manually.